The Importance Of Water After A Massage

Getting a professional massage is one of the most rewarding and therapeutic things that you can do for yourself. Taking the time to yourself to get all your body’s aches and strains sorted out is a great feeling, and odds are, you want those results to last! After getting multiple massages from one of LaVida Massage’s many locations, you likely have been advised by your massage therapist to drink plenty of water over the next few days. Have you ever wondered why that is? Our team of massage experts has put together the most common reasons why we advise our clients to hydrate after a massage; read on to learn more! 

Massages Dehydrate the Body
While you’re relaxing, your massage therapist is kneading the muscles in your body to release built-up tension and tightness. In doing so, fluid pumps out of the tissue and into your body’s circulatory system, ending up in your kidneys. You’ll likely have to use the restroom after a massage, meaning that your body will have little to no water left in it after. Fueling up on water restores the body to its appropriate hydration levels! 

Water Detoxifies Pollutants 
After your massage, the pent-up toxins may not fully have been eradicated from your body. Drinking water can help the kidneys, as well as other organs, process numerous substances that travel through the body on a regular basis. Typically, after a massage, many toxins have been released and they need to be flushed out. Drinking water naturally detoxifies the body of pollutants, meaning the more you drink, the more harmful toxins you flush out! 

Also, drinking water before a massage can help too. The massage therapist will be able to perform a deeper massage because the muscles are easier to manipulate due to them being more hydrated.

Drinking Water Reduces Soreness
Many people commonly admit to being a bit sore after a massage. This is completely natural. When the muscles are healthy and hydrated, they’re soft and allow blood to freely flow through them. Now, when the muscles are dehydrated, this is what causes you pain and soreness. The muscles become tight and compacted which can restrict movement and cause discomfort. To help with the soreness, drinking water gives your muscles the hydration they need to heal. 

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